DVR Already

May 25, 2006

Yesterday I found out that for a mere $7.95 extra a month, I could have saved myself the agony of missing the season finale of The OC! The good news is that we figured this out in time for the World Cup, so no long-term damage done. I'll get to watch Marissa die at some point.
The other good news is this means I can now become a certified television addict like all of the other cool people. I realize that as far as the goal is concerned, the DVR is too little too late as most every show worth watching has wrapped for the season, but maybe I can catch some re-runs over the summer and netflix what I want to get up to speed on for the fall.

I've been practicing for my new role as television addict by becoming a regular reader of Salon's television column I Like To Watch (written by the cool and helpful Heather Havrilesky). So I know a lot about shows even though I don't watch them. Yet.

Veronica Mars, heavily recommended by the cool people, is first on my list of shows to start watching. Leave a comment if you think there's something else I just shouldn't be living without in my new television addicted life.


One Response to “DVR Already”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Gee Liz, you’ve really been holding out on us! Three blogs! And one of them inspired by a quote from Melville? I am in awe.

    Also, I too love Heather Havrilesky — honestly, she’s about the only thing I regularly read on Salon. (I don’t know why but I’ve never warmed to Stephanie Zacharek — I think it’s because she once dissed the BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice.”)

    In addition, the urbane and high-falutin’ (and I mean that in the best way) nature of your blogs has inspired me to make fewer penis jokes in mine and to avoid excessive use of f**k and other expletives. We’ll see how that goes.

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