Laguna Beach: No comprende tu

May 27, 2006

So my Saturday was nearly derailed when I decided to turn on the TV while I crunched my morning bowl of bran flakes and found that I was just in time to get in on the ground floor of a Laguna Beach marathon. I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of Laguna Beach before, but I knew it existed and I knew its tagline was "the real OC." Since there is a whole in my life where The OC used to be, I decided to give LB a shot.

Quickly, I realized why I had never watched an entire episode of LB before. It is a virtually impossible feat. In many ways, the show is indeed a facsimile of The OC, except the kids are fatter and dumber. All about the fatter (I am consistently distracted by the incredible shrinking actresses of The OC), but when you are forced to listen to endless elliptical sentences full of monosyllables the dumber loses its appeal quickly. And I am talking dumb. One episode had a Summer-esque LB'er named Morgan opening her decision letter from the only college she applied to (which was Brigham Young University, not quite Brown I think we'd all agree) to find out that she was rejected. A quick trip over to the BYU admissions website revealed that it has an 80% acceptance rate. It is like hard to get rejected there. Also, even though MTV helpfully pops up the characters names at the beginning of most scenes, it is really hard to tell these tanned, highlighted people apart, let alone begin to follow their soulless romantic dramas or their attempts at Spanish.

As I have expressed before on this blog, I am trying to integrate more television into my life, but succumbing to the meager charms of Laguna Beach would have been a sad way to do it. I managed to get myself off the couch and out the door to yoga and a sunny south Florida day. I better get VM on the Netflix asap.


One Response to “Laguna Beach: No comprende tu”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Yes, definitely steer clear of Laguna Beach. Kristin Cavalleri does make a guest appearance on Veronica Mars in Season Two. She’s WRETCHED. Makes Paris Hilton look like Meryl Streep.

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