Questions of the day

May 29, 2006

There are a lot of deep questions one could ask oneself on Memorial Day, but none of these are those. On a day full of mutton snapper on the barbie and chilled beverages galore, this is as deep as I get.

1) Can someone please explain to me how to be as divine as Scarlett Johanssen?

Or perhaps a better version of that question is, what other actress could make me want to watch In Good Company every time I flip past it on HBO just to watch her clotheshorse her way through unrealistic relationship scenes with Topher Grace? Seriously, ever since Lost in Translation she has been the actress I would want to be if I could be an actress (elbowing out Claire Danes). Clearly, she has ample physical gifts which I could never hope to equal, but I think I'm more fascinated by the way she maximizes them with personal flair and the projected sense of self-possession. Is that something you get from growing up in NYC, and, if so, what is a girl from Battle Creek, MI to do? Then again maybe I am downplaying the ample physical gifts, and I should spend more time thinking about how I could become, say, Zadie Smith, although I hear she too has ample physical gifts. How about Curtis Sittenfeld? In any case, I think I would settle for really understanding how to put on my own makeup.

2) Who am I cheering for, the Pistons or the Heat?

Last year, everything was so simple. I was a Michigan transplant, and and while I was thrilled to have traded in winter for 365 beach days a year, there was no doubt that I was cheering for the Pistons. A year later, the issue is a little cloudier. This state has already cost me blood, sweat, and It's not like I was ever the world's greatest Pistons fan, or basketball fan, or even that big of a sports fan. An appreciation for reliable yearly entertainment cycle of sporting events is a recent addition to my life and not unconnected to moving to Florida in the first place, since my husband and his family are the ones who have sucked me in. I might just be more of a poseur if I don't get with the program and cheer for the Heat. They are also the underdogs, while the Pistons are the mechanically consistent East Coast Conference champs. On the other hand, it's not like Detroit has a whole lot going for it, it seems a little heartless to turn my back on their moments of glory. This question is far from reaching emotional resolution. Right now I just have the horrible lukewarm feeling that I will be happy whoever wins.

3) How did I ever live before blogs?

Case in point: when I checked in to Grin and Barret just now, I saw that Ms. Barret had revamped her sidebars, opening up a whole new world of witty, life-affirming blogs to my reading habits. I now plan to Fug Myself on a daily basis.

Other questions include:

Will I ever finish the quilt that I started for my mom?

Will I still want to live in Florida in five years? Ten?

Should I splurge and go to my favorite tiki bar in the Keys with my sister when she visits?

Will I get to watch the season finale of Big Love tonight?


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