It’s really good to see you rocking out and having fun

June 5, 2006

As of 2am this morning, I have returned from a nearly flawless weekend of celebration and friendship, and a substantial post is definitely in order–emphasis on the 2am. Our habit of book the earliest possible flight out and the latest possible flight back has the side effect of painfully sleep deprived Mondays, and even after a three hour nap I'm still feeling a little like a t-shirt that got put through one of those old fashioned wringing out machines. I'm kind of limp, and when I think about getting up and doing something my limbs seem oddly beyond the influence of my mind, like they've mutinied and are laughing at me and my intentions for them. So I think I might be a little too drained for the reflective journalism required to report fully the weekend's goings on, for tonight anyway. Seeing as I let myself off the hook on homework and housecleaning, I think I can give myself one more day on the blog.

One nice side effect of quasi-exhaustion is the perfect frame of mind for fixing oneself a frozen pizza and settling in for several hours of television viewing. As a special gift to me from the angel of good timing (not to be confused with the angel of bad timing mentioned by JD Nordell), not only was the season finale of Big Love available on demand from HBO but the first disc of Veronica Mars arrived from Netflix over the weekend. Big Love finished their first season out strong with some decisive and unexpected developments, and finally tapping into VM simultaneously helped alleviate my post-BL finale let down (knowing HBO, there's no telling when the second season will air) and my slight bummed-outedness about not being within shouting distance of all my best friends again. A couple of them are vocal advocates of the show, so taking it up over the summer will be a good way to get a little more connected, kind of like when I started reading Harry Potter after my freshman year in college. I am pleased to report that after indulging in three straight episodes (the first three) I think I can pretty much be hooked. It is a pretty awesome show any way you look at it–unique characters, tight genre driven plots that include great dialogue, music I mostly haven't heard. D also liked it so it won't cause undue queue-sharing stress.

Overall, as tired as I am, heading back to Kenyon for the wedding was one of the best things I've done all year. I was a little nervous, but that turned out to be unnecessary. For the second group event in a row, I got to see my friends all back together and see a little bit more of who they are these days and what they are doing, and it seems that in the midst of making decisions and paying rent we are growing up in good ways. I am a little more confident that our connections are strong enough to let our friendships expand as we all change.

Anyways, on that more later. Now it's back to bed for me.


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