Firing on all zero cylinders

June 22, 2006

Too many events, too little sleep. Here is a list of things that would be a blog entry if I could write such a thing and may be blog entries in the future. Each item begins with an implied "I am…"

1) So depressed about Ghana-2, US-1. So depressed.

2) In New Orleans. For the American Library Association annual conference. See library blog.
3) Needing to provide a new installment of Kenyon Alumni Bulletin: The Saga– Mr. DD writes back.
4) Knowing that there is one unwatched episode of Veronica Mars on the netflix dvd at home.

6) Tabulating my current New Orleans culinary score. Gumbo-0, Overpriced Salad-1. Powerbar anyone?


2 Responses to “Firing on all zero cylinders”

  1. SB Says:

    What’s number 5?

    Hope everything is well in New Orleans

  2. Lauren Says:

    How far are you in Veronica Mars? I get so excited when people are watching Season One for the first time. It’s the same way I get when people get to read The Great Gatsby or Pride & Prejudice for the first time. It’s magical.

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