Tired head

June 28, 2006

Back from New Orleans and slowly catching up on all the blogging I didn’t do on Sub-Sub Librarian. In short, a memorable time was had by all. Seeing the city simultaneously bravely fighting back and still in tatters left its mark. And I’m fired up about this librarian gig. We are some cool folks, and we are not afraid of open source software… oh wait.
Tonight I think I should officially change my name to the Liz Formerly Known in Some Circles as Smart. Any pretension to smartness ended when my brain hit this:

“The recommended method of invoking the httpd executable is to use the apachectl control script. This script sets certain environment variables that are necessary for httpd to function correctly under some operating systems, and then invokes the httpd binary. apachectl will pass through any command line arguments, so any httpd options may also be used with apachectl. You may also directly edit the apachectl script by changing the HTTPD variable near the top to specify the correct location of the httpd binary and any command-line arguments that you wish to be always present.”

Brought to you by Apache, the great free software for SMART PEOPLE ONLY.

Okay, I’ve got a ways to go before I am going to be running my Greenstone Digital Library open source software. (Why can’t all this stuff just be as easy as WordPress already? I like my technology easy.)


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