Ooh, ee, ah! August 22? Too long!

July 1, 2006

For the record of one of my most reliable readers, I have finished the first season of Veronica Mars! Ahhhhh! Must talk! Luckily Mr. SB is here so that helps. So much tension, so many questions about what is to come, but at least I know who killed Lily.  Whew.
Actually, this evening has been quite the TV marathon. We started off with a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under from the last season, then hit the V. Mars, switched it up briefly to Arrested Development, and then sprinted all the way down the home stretch toward all kinds of plot twists and turns I never could have predicted, including a romantic one that I didn’t even see coming but am hoping against hope continues in the next season b/c it is way more cooler than the normal romantic plotline. Still, exciting nonetheless. Second season out August 22. Luckily I have lots of homework to get me through.

We are waiting for our guest’s sheets to get the through the dryer, and then time for bed to rest up for a long day of soccer and birthday partying.  Vai Brasil!


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