The road to non-posting is paved with good intentions

July 16, 2006

As I sit here in my in-law’s living room, waiting for the hubby to return from golf, having a ton of homework to complete within the next week but a weaking will to tackle any of it one second before absolutely necessary, slightly hungry but not really because so far today I have consumed a pile of buckwheat pancakes filled with fruit, several cups of heavily creamed and sugared coffee, and one summer blockbuster type movie complete with enormous cherry coke, having already called home and talked with my dad for over and hour, running down my to-do list, I realize that I can’t remember the last time I updated LS. I just logged in and checked the time stamp and found out it has been four whole days.

This must be sheer sloth on my part, as my life has been full of eminently postable events, especially considering that my goal is to have no standards. New tagline anyone? “No standards were set in the writing of this blog.” So, with no further ado, the past four days have included:

1) My sister is in town! Yeah! Only a year until she moves here!  And what better occasion to Re-Mars the first season, converting another to the fold. The hard part is not divulging all of the outcomes ahead of time because this time I know them.

2)  Coaxing a brilliant mind into the blogosphere. I predict great things, but it is definitely Too Far Ahead to Plan.

3) Non-librarians need not read this item: turning in my homemade MARC records for the Teacup Collection Catalog. There. I have now organized some knowledge.

4) A lavish birthday dinner for a family member at the Hosteria Romana on South Beach, which fortunately coincided with one of my rare good clothes days. Delicious, olive-oil drenched food, flirty waiters with accents, and all the beautiful people we have come to expect from SoBe.

5) The Devil Wears Prada. This is the summer blockbuster type (I know it wasn’t designed to compete with Superman, but it was definitely intended to pull in more dollars than the average movie I netflix) that I mentioned earlier. When I first clicked on the little New Post button, I thought I might write a whole entry about it. Perhaps it could be a platform for an extended meditation on my newfound appreciation of fashion and longstanding lack of fashion sense and whether that does or does not disqualify me from a productive, creative, generally happy life. Perhaps not. DWP is a fairly trivial movie, but plenty of laughs, and Meryl Streep wringing nuance from a utilitarian script is worth the price of a matinee ticket at least. Also, it has plenty of sartorial eyecandy which, as my sister and I concluded, is so expensive that most of the people who wear it don’t pay for it (models, celebs, other professional tastemakers), people who do pay for it can really afford it, and is designed so that the vast majority of us who should never even think about paying for it become desolate with envy upon sight. My solution: Project Runway and Manolo’s shoe blog on a regular basis.

Come to think of it, I am now actually getting hungry. Food beckons. Size 2’s be damned Anne Hathaway.


One Response to “The road to non-posting is paved with good intentions”

  1. Steven Says:

    Liz, it’s great that you had an excuse to Mars it up, but do know that all the excuse you need is a DVD player and 45 minutes to spare. If you only have 25, pop in an Arrested Development.

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