Between now and Friday

July 19, 2006

I’m going to do a lot of stuff. I’m going to finish designing a real actual hompage that I just might let you see when it looks like an actual something.  Well, it almost looks like a something. It looks like more of a something than the practice ones did for those of you (SB) who helped me figure out if they were even visible to the world at large in the first place.  I’m also going to write a 10-15 page proposal for a digital library, which happily I do not have to actually build. That means I can come up with some crazy idea that no one would ever fund and make up reasons why it would work. I’m going to do some kind of class presentation tomorrow, which unhappily is the culmination of a group project that has involved, so far, no work by any member of the group. Well, hardly any. But then again this is the prof who literally gave us points for writing our name on a piece of paper, so I’m going to sleep peacefully tonight. I won’t even be perturbed by the untimely exit of Malan on Project Runway. His fake accent and heavily greased hair will be sorely missed.  I especially also won’t be perturbed by the dishes in the sink or the mold on the wall. Yes, the mold on the wall, the creeping crawling mold that dooms me to a life of poverty and futility. A future Cheaper Than Therapy posting if ever there was one. I will be not at all perturbed at this hour, however, by any of these things, because a few hours of quality Italian television (no, really, quality) and a big plate full of garlicky, olive oily spaghetti does a body good.


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