Christmas in July, brought to us by G&B

July 24, 2006

Okay, now that I have actually opened up the enticing USPS thick envelope package that arrived for me and D today, I realize that my last post was way lame.  This a lot more than “yeah!” people:


This is like the coolest thing that’s happened to me since T-Fap (aka SB) got off the plane on June 30th!  This is like reaching my hand into the goody bag again and again and again and never coming up empty! Wow! This is so cool! And it’s hard to see on this pic, but every mix CD has its own cover of thumbnail album covers, preserved in all of their polychromatic artistic glory. If you could get a close up look at these little masterpieces, you would trust the future of print media to this lady too. Shall we all raise a toast to friends with good taste? Let’s shall!
Hugs and laughter are hereby mentally and electronically sent in your direction.


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