He’s “bringing sexy back”

July 25, 2006

I swear, I’ve never watched an entire episode of TRL before in my life, but as I was doing my pre-workout channel flip, I happened to catch it right at the beginning and as soon as they mentioned a world premiere of Justin Timberlake’s latest video, that dial was not moving. I think I’ve heard the song a couple of times on the radio already, but it didn’t really grab me, but I knew a video would allow me focus my attention. A girl can hardly be faulted for indulging in a little MTV as she sweats away on a treadmill, and besides, they promised me Mr. JT. Well, they delivered, and if you are one of the few non-Mac people who frequents this blog, they claim you can watch the video at MTV Overdrive on demand. (Mac injustice police: they claim their platform can’t work with us! Psshaw!)

So, this is just a snap judgment based on a single viewing, but I think the song will catch on, and I feel it to be especially appropriate for clubs and as a getting ready to go out background song. The video has an interesting Euro-spy storyline, but there appear to be two Justins in it and it’s hard to tell exactly what they are up to. I like the clearly plotted, heart-felt perversion of the Cry Me A River video. Also, neither of the Justins dance, which is just a waste .

So the album is apparently not coming out until September (for real), but we do know that the title is Future Sex Love Sounds. The Web 2.0 geek in me is thinking, that sounds just like a tag cluster on del.icio.us. Sad really. Good thing the video showed a greater sense of promise than my sense of cool.


One Response to “He’s “bringing sexy back””

  1. Steven Says:

    I read an article about this single, and it ended with a great little quip:

    “And there’s no particular reason to think that on his forthcoming album, ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds,’ due Sept. 12, he will continue the fight on behalf of ‘sexy’ boys everywhere. (Though it seems his assault on the lowly space bar WillNotEnd/AnytimeSoon.)”

    I love that. If you want to glance at the article, it’s at http://select.nytimes.com/search/restricted/article?res=F60F16FE35540C708DDDAE0894DE404482

    (although I think it’s old enough that you have to pay/be a times select member to see it)

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