If you need another reason to avoid World Trade Center

July 26, 2006

As much as I love Mr. Cage, watching his overanguished face contort in the commercial for this newest Oliver Stone flick was enough to steer me clear, but here’s an even better reason: apparently the Fox newsies love it! Todays edition of Salon’s The Fix reports: Stone’s “World Trade Center” has already come in for a lot of conservative love: “It is one of the greatest pro-American, pro-family, pro-male, flag-waving, God Bless America films you will ever see,” writes Fox News’ Cal Thomas, who can’t believe his eyes. “What? Oliver Stone, who indulges in conspiracy theories and is a dues-paying member of the Hollywood left?” Thomas asked. “Yes, THAT Oliver Stone.” ” Ugg.

My enemy’s good movie is a bad movie, right?


2 Responses to “If you need another reason to avoid World Trade Center”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Well, THANK GOD for Oliver Stone. It’s about time we had a “pro-male” movie out in theatres. Ever since those man-hating, anti-family values feminists have taken over the studios, all we’ve gotten are pinko romantic comedies about lesbians. And, as you know, if you’re a leftist, it means you hate America.

    In conclusion, the right can have Oliver Stone. Dude is a loon who doesn’t grasp the concept of “nuance” or “subtlety.” He’s perfect for them!

  2. Liz Says:

    That must be why that studio executive lady got fired while delivering a baby–not enough pro-male movies on her resume.

    Does that mean I have to let the right have Nicolas Cage too? Well, on second thought, since he already lives on another planet he’s been lost to us for some time now.

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