Samuel L. Jackson didn’t make me do it

August 18, 2006

I went to a movie tonight, and it wasn’t Snakes On a Plane. Despite the personalized voicemail that Mr. Jackson left me yesterday and the copious promotional that its other stars have so kindly given on MTV during my treadmill time, I just said no to the SOAP. But actually I wanted to say yes, because even though I had no desire to see a movie theatre movie tonight it rapidly became clear that I had no choice. So SOAP was one of the options we tried to talk our spunky 16 year old guest into, but she only had eyes for Hilary Duff. Today of all days, that actually means that there was a must-see movie opening. Material Girls. Yes, I went to see Material Girls. You can visit Lusciousity for all the details on how this became economically palatable. I really think that analyzing this one would be a better job for LCB, so I’m going to leave well enough alone. Wading through the sea of knee-high, Gucci-toting, Bocarexic slutlets that crowded the theatre has traumatized me enough for one night. Here’s to growing up in the midwest and watching all of my kiddie movies on video!


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