Little Miss SOLD OUT

August 20, 2006

So the big family plan for the evening was to go see Little Miss Sunshine. Oddly enough, I was a little lukewarm about the idea when it was suggested, as in our frugal (sort of) state of grad studentness I had already decided that it was a wait for the dvd’er. Then, in the course of trying to convince the youngest SIL that it was going to be fun, I somehow got really attached to the idea. By the third time we’d watched the trailer, I was really looking forward to Alan Arkin’s cokehead sarcasm and Greg Kinnear smacking down bro Steve Carrell. What better movie to see with your whole family than one in which the grandpa assures the little girl that he loves her for her looks, not her brains or personality? I was all pumped for a memorable evening of bittersweet laughter. Yet we dithered and dathered and procrastinated ticket buying however, and by the time we got to the theatre 45 minutes before start it was sold out. Since when did Miamians start flocking to quirky indie flicks with soul? Aaargh. Adding insult to injury, one car had to pay flat rate parking just for the privilege of finding out that the only movie we could all agree on seeing was full. Where do these parking attendants think we live, New York City? Meany heads. After a little bit of heated familial discussion, we salvaged the evening with a trip back to PaPiChi, so at least I got the chance get back on the horse and eat some Portuguesa pizza without bursting into tears.

Okay, the maker of tea is calling for help selecting the right flavor to brew up. Will we try to soak up the Sunshine tomorrow or are we permanently Sunshine-burned? Hmmm…


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