We were robbed

August 24, 2006

Okay, I started watching Miami Vice the TV show last night and I must report that there is a prominently featured alligator:


His name is Elvis and he is definitely a badass. He lives in Sonny’s (Don Johnson/ Colin Farrell) boat and he scares Rico (??/ Jamie Foxx) the hardened NY cop half to death. My issue is, why did Elvis get left out of the movie? That is a serious omission. I know I know, pet alligators do tend to detract from the artistic seriousness of any given work of art, but still, what says Miami like a pet freaking alligator?  Imagine the backseat of the Land Rover: hola chica, hola chico, oh by the way, have you met Elvis? Okay, back to the pilot. The first episode of Miami Vice ain’t over ’til Phil Collins sings.


One Response to “We were robbed”

  1. Lauren Says:

    If you love the MV and the Don Johnson, you should go to http://www.tomatonation.com, where Sars deconstruct’s one of Johnson’s vanity projects from the 80’s.

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