Tomorrow is a school day

August 27, 2006

Today’s agenda:

Finish up Vivian Gornick’s The Situation and the Story.

Write first piece for creative nonfiction, about a song that has defined my life in some way. (And by the way, try not to get too perfectionistic on yourself, because you have a lot of workshops to get through. Just type it up and get it done, okay?)

Read the rest of the stories for the Melville seminar.

Write the response paper for the Melville class– RELAX, it’s only one page.

Read the assigned pages of the Melville biography. Nada más! This is no time for overachieving, the Emmy’s are on.

Poems? That’s what you really want to write, remember? Not that you’ll get any done today. Not to worry, the Emmy’s are on.

Oh and if you get a minute, try to make a dent in Northrup Frye’s The Great Code. You have a presentation on that Thursday.
Plane crash? Sunday school lesson plans? Budget? Grocery shopping? Thank the dear Lord for all this homework. So much better than real life.


One Response to “Tomorrow is a school day”

  1. SB Says:

    I think that’s one of the more poetic to-do lists I’ve ever read.

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