Weather Channel moments

August 29, 2006

Ho hum, hatches have been battened down for about 6 hours now and I am pleased to report nothing doing. Ernesto refused to grow up and we are all grateful. Except maybe this guy:

Standing pointlessly on a beach somewhere in the Keys, he totally dissed Ernesto and played the Katrina card all in one sentence, something like “On the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, it’s nice to finally see an underachiever come ashore.” Who are you calling an underachiever? Yesterday Ernesto was your best friend. It was big and getting bigger, it was liable to do us grave harm, it was definitely no underachiever. You so cannot have credit for both warning us about Ernesto and then telling us it sucks in the hurricane department. And besides, who is the one who not only stands outside in hurricanes for a living but is currently standing outside in no hurricane for a living? Mr. Cantore, to you I say, when it comes to underachievers, takes one to know one.

Much the same thing could probably be said for neurotics. If so, you might or might not understand the following snippet of dialogue from apartment last night.

Me: Aaargh! These people on the Weather Channel make me so angry! I hate them!

D: You know Liz, if they bother you so much you could stop watching.

Me: How can I stop watching? They are making me so angry!

Does that make any sense? It makes perfect sense to me.


2 Responses to “Weather Channel moments”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Liz, how can you watch the Weather Channel when Veronica Mars is on?

    I’m glad everything is going well down yonder in your neck of the woods. (I suddenly went all folksy!)Good luck with Melville.

  2. Liz Says:

    Don’t worry, no Weather Channel was watched during our back to back V Mars time. But I am like so confused becuase last night was the I Hear the Bells episode and I thought it was so sad how Logan made that drunken confession and then whored it up with Kendall some more. I thought it was supposed to be a happy episode. Hmm… however, seeing as I have still not seen about the first third of the second season I will have to resign myself to not understanding until Netflix comes through for me.

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