Ha ha Michiganders

August 30, 2006

Turns out the Great Lakes can make their very own hurricanes! Check it out here. I can’t wait to pull this one out the next time somebody ribs me about living here. Yes-huh you can get hurricanes, and your hurricanes have snow.

Also, not to get boring about all this hurricane hullaballoo, but remember how I said they were covering Ernesto down here as if nothing else was happening in the whole world? It’s worse than that. They’ve been covering a non-hurricane as if it were the only storm threatening human life on this planet. Now that Ernesto has wilted in the spotlight, they’ve started mentioning a couple of other ones. Hurricane John is already a category 4, and although they hope it won’t actually hit Mexico it’s going to be close enough to create hurricane conditions without ever coming ashore. And, saving the best for last, meet Super-Typhoon Ioke. Unlike Er-crappo, this girl’s got mojo and it is likely not going to be pretty for Wake Island.

Back to Northrup Frye. Counting blessings and considering naming one of my future daughters Ioke. Or maybe just Super Typhoon.


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