It’s okay Andy

September 10, 2006

Four sets, 17 aces, no double faults, whatever… Federer is just a morally bankrupt Swiss. Did anyone else catch that hagiographic piece about the ugly Swiss one by David Foster Wallace the Times felt the need to publish about a month ago? Two of my least favorite people together at the same time. Apparently the Times has succumbed to a major Fed-crush, check this blog final wrap-up. I have one word for all of you: Sampras. From the humble point of view of this tennis fan, Federer has a long way to go to touch Pete’s legacy, and when it comes to sheer visual appeal he is far behind Mr. Roddick for now and forever. Every time I look at his face I think, pug dog. That’s one reason why I try not to look at his face.

In more appealing face news, we put on The Island as wallpaper for after dinner study hour tonight. Ewan + Scarlett = opposite of pug dog face. Although after having read Never Let Me Go the plot really didn’t do that much for me.


3 Responses to “It’s okay Andy”

  1. Zan Says:

    I just can’t like Federer. He seems to be perfectly nice, but so what. His personality leaves much to be desired. Maybe I’ll like him when he’s about to retire. I didn’t like Pete for a long time. I didn’t root for him until he was older. My sister can’t stand Nadal, but I love that someone has Federer’s number. I always wonder if he cares that he is not the champion of the people. How can you get passionate about him?

  2. Liz Says:

    Precisely. I think people felt the same about Bjorn Borg, who also like to rock the sweatband as Frida would put it.

  3. zoka Says:

    you do not have to like Federer but you must to respect him.

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