Yeah, I’ll take it!

September 21, 2006

1) Tuition money from TOU is 99% of the way to being in my bank account. Which is when I will consider the issue officially resolved.
2) I am officially freakish mole free, as declared by a doctor who I think I actually trust. Also, sadly enough, he thinks I was right about the first one (i.e., didn’t really need to get taken off)–but I’m dwelling on the positive for a change. I’ve done enough crying about this one.

3) First mini-homework marathon of the semester is effectively over– and the Melville exam has been graded already and results are quite satisfactory. As far as the paper I turned in tonight goes, well, I liked it okay, but I don’t think it’ll knock anyone’s socks off. I survived my first mauling… oh wait, I mean workshopping, and so did the poem I submitted. That only leaves a creative nonfiction piece to come up with over the weekend, but right now I’m not counting that. That’s for tomorrow.

4) The hubby got our internet bill cut in half by downgrading to a lower speed, which should make it more stable anyway.

All in all, mucho weight off of the shoulders. And for the moment, I’m making a point of not looking for reasons to go putting it back on.

PS To balance out my recurring delves into the dark side, aka “Cheaper Than Therapy,” I am starting a new series of posts tagged “Blog Get Happy,” in which I shall attempt to be obnoxiously optimistic to balance out any premature pessimism.


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