October starts early this year!

September 29, 2006

I just roused myself from the big blue couch to go answer the door, and, after peering through the little round looking thing for long enough to determine that it wasn’t the Lakeland fugitive, opened it up to find a happy UPS man with an even happier package–a birthday package, for me, filled with everything one needs to have a proper English tea! Now, since my birthday is in October, the only logical conclusion to draw from this is that it must be October already, even if my silly calendar still says September. I for one am all for it, because I think October is just about the best month of the year. At least, it was up north, with the leaves are changing colors and being cold enough to start drinking things like hot chocolate and hot cider and start wearing all those kick-ass sweaters you have in your closet. I’ve now spent two Octobers in tropical zones, and I’ve had mixed results so far. 2004’s October was Natal, Brazil, I celebrated my birthday by getting completely wasted on a mere two caipirinhas on the beach. I don’t remember much except dizzily walking up the big hill from the beach to the bus stop and somewhere along the way bursting into tears because for just one second I admited to myself that it was all wrong. October is not when I should be lounging on a beach in a bikini. October is not when the temperature should be rising. Christmas decorations should not be on palm trees. “Cider,” I cried. “I want cider, and donuts. Pumpkin donuts!” Daniel held my hand calmly reminded me that Bethlehem probably looked more like Natal than it did like Michigan. So that was ’04. October 2005 was also an initiation of sorts. My birthday was on a Thursday night, and Wilma managed to hold off until the next Monday, but even as we blew on the candles on the carrot cake with cream chese frosting that my SIL made for me and sang Happy Birthday in Portuguese, we knew she was coming. Prior to that, my only hurricane experience was Katrina, who pretty much bypassed us up here in PBC. Wilma was kind of the opposite. It ripped over our heads and luckily didn’t do so much as crack a window at our place, but it did turn all of South Florida into a dark, hot abyss of whining and complaining. There were indeed people who lost their homes, but strangely enough these are not the people we heard the most from in the days following Wilma. No, our newspaper space was taken up by people who thought that their lack of gas for their generator was a number one state priority, people who cried about running out of gas while waiting in line for gas, people who didn’t think it was weird to drive 3, 4, 5 hours away to wait in line for gas, people who did not see why a hurricane had a right to interupt their daily energy consuming routine even for a few days. This was my first experience of Hurricane Hell As Other People. In the midst of all this whining and complaining, I found myself whining and complaining too–first about all of those people, then about all of the people across the street who got power back three days before we did, and finally just any little thing that bugged me–ants on the kitchen counter, our sixth straight meal involving peanut butter, etc. I started out strong and ended with a whimper.

So that’s been my last couple of October’s. This one is clearly off to a much better start. Thanks Snickerdoodle!!!


One Response to “October starts early this year!”

  1. Frida Says:

    It is October! This morning there was a delicious breeze blowing in my car on the way to work.
    I breathed it in and checked the temp. gage thinking it had to be at least in the 70’s. Nope, a crisp 80!
    Ahhh, Fall in south Florida. Fresh.

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