Tuesday Night Television Screen

October 3, 2006

Oh it’s a big night for me in my own personal TV land. Namely, tonight marks the season premiere of Veronica Mars and the series premiere of Friday Night Lights. Now before everyone starts to groan and wonder how my taste could have suffered such a lapse, I’d like to point out a couple of things. I haven’t read the book this television series is based on, but I have seen the movie and despite having Billy Bob Thornton in the role of head coach it really was quite good. It’s moving and honest in a way you don’t expect from a sports movie. Forty minutes into the series premiere of the TV show, I am happy to report that it is much the same in that regard. It’s not about how glorious football is but how sports played by children can become a repository for all the desperation and thwarted hopes of their parents. It fully deserves comparison to James Wright’s sad, beautiful poem “Autumn Begins in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio.”  Also, and this is really the best news, the Billy Bob role has been taken over by Kyle Chandler. I am so happy to see that he was able to recover from being gruesomely blown up for no good reason on Grey’s Anatomy. (And I just feel the need to promote LCB’s view of Grey’s Anatomy: “That show has crossed a line. A line called suck.”) That was seriously the most traumatic television event of 2006 in my book. At least it got him this lead role in what appears to be a halfway decent stab at a good television drama.

The game is still in the balance and the quarterback just got hauled off on a stretcher, so I better get back to it, even though if memory serves this game does not end happily for the hometown team. Oh no! The quarterback is on an operating table! Wait, this isn’t Grey’s Anatomy! Aaargh, tricked again.

Okay, I’m taking a deep breathe and keeping my eyes on the real prize, a new Veronica Mars in ten minutes!


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