Yawn… let the productivity begin?

October 6, 2006

I’ve done nothing but slack off this week, so why am I still tired? True, I have put in solid 11 days working and doing homework and going to evening classes, but instead of soldiering boldly on for a couple more hours of reading and attempts at writing once I get home after class as was my former habit, I have reached for the Corona and the lime and started giving my DVR and my remote a workout. This after a weekend in which I skipped church and slept in two days in a row. It’s like I decided to take my own October break like the one’s we used to have at Kenyon, even though I now attend Large State University. Mostly, this break has involved television. It’s as if I’ve never met an hour long drama I didn’t like, including that weird one about nuclear holocaust and a failed stab at trying to pick up Lost. (And that was an utter failure–I was mystified in less than five minutes.) My little mid-semester vacay has also involved sleep, which I seem to have been getting copious amounts of and yet still have a hard time keeping my eyes open long enough to stumble toward the closet when I wake up. To top off this general laziness, someone stole all of the treadmill televisions out of the workout room so naturally I haven’t been back there. How can I be expected to sweat without at least a little TRL or E! True Hollywood Story? Not happening. Although I did make a return to yoga class after skipping last week for the poetry reading that didn’t happen after all, and that made me even more tired and sore.  Yoga: the exercise that bites you back.

Well, today’s Friday, my free day, and I’ve got a reading to go to tonight (um, English Department, who schedules readings for 8pm on a Friday night?) so that means I need to grab some coffee and get started on re-building the momentum that I have squandered with a week of popular culture and sloth. I’m one of these Libra types, so maybe this laziness has just been part of the balance that my delicate constitution naturally seeks. Or maybe I’m just dreading the upcoming turning of… I can’t even say the number. In any case, I’ve got a library science literature review due that just will not be denied, so honk if you love particle physics online pre-print repositories!


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