Breezy General Updates

October 11, 2006

1) I am officially no longer reading books that aren’t on my various and sundry syllabi. Of the 7 or 8 critically acclaimed and artistically acomplished books that I have checked out from the library in the past month, only one of them has actually been read. (Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, Anne Fadiman– which was actually kind of assigned because it was on a list of books we could read for our book reports in Creative Nonfiction. It was excellent and I spent all of a Sunday night devouring it despite the looming of the White Whale. It was one of those experiences I hadn’t had in a while–staying up really late to read something amazing and somehow not feeling tired when my alarm went off at its usual time the next morning.) The unread books have included LCB’s recommend Delta Wedding, the unrecommended Special Topics in Calamity Physics, and a book I have waiting six months for the library to get called The Book Thief by Marcus Zuzak. All eagerly anticipated, all left to gather dust as I attempt to stay on top of both my homework and my television habit. So I’m not sure how much hope there is for my most recent library reserve item, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Although I am a sucker for a good post-apocalypse.

2) If you don’t start watching Friday Night Lights, we can’t be friends. I don’t even care if you like it. You must watch it long enough to get it the ratings it needs for a healthy multi-season lifespan. If that takes away from your valuable novel writing, house cleaning, and aerobic exercising time, I am not sympathetic. This is a higher calling. I’m hearing vague rumbles of low ratings and (highly sensationalized, I hope) murmurs of early cancellation. This seems entirely unfair as it is competing against shows that debuted two or three weeks earlier and may have found a toehold despite their mediocrity because we were all so desperate to watching some other than reality TV. I don’t even like football and I can’t get enough of this one. Great acting, great writing, already a few small peeks at the darker side of small town family life–there is much to love here and if you don’t do the right thing and start watching I may get no chance to love it. So watch.

3) Conveniently, OPEC is gearing up to cut production…. oh that would be the day after election day. Just thought you should know.

4) Speaking of the football of which I am not a fan, tomorrow night is the home opener for my newest school team, The Owls. Unfortunately, they rejected my suggested rally cry of “Hoot, motherf%*#er, hoot!” I figured we need all the help we can get, being ranked around #117 out #118 Division 1 schools .

5) Daniel thinks that I am going to go out canvassing for votes with him on Saturday. He has got another think coming. While I consider myself highly political and love to write about conspiracy theories on my blog, I feel that I’ve knocked on enough doors and called enough people on the phone that I don’t actually know to last a lifetime.

6) Today is the 11th, so that makes 9 days before I hit the big… oh still can’t say it.


One Response to “Breezy General Updates”

  1. Tom Says:

    Probably the best rally cry I’ve ever heard of.

    It sure beats “Go U Bears” (whatever that’s supposed to mean…) It’s not like we can spell or anything at Bowdoin Univ… College

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