October 13, 2006

32-7 over Southern Utah for my Owls! Sadly, I had silly class last night so I couldn’t drive down to Lockhart Stadium and watch this miracle happen, but seeing as an envelope full of tickets for the rest of the season’s home games arrived in my skinny little mailbox yesterday I might just have to pretend that I actually watch football and go one of these days. So let’s see, that makes them 1-3 for the season… well, let’s just focus on that 32-7, shall we?

Hold on–in the interest of science, I just checked out where we really stand. Turns out I was being a bit pessimistic! We are actually 116th, not 117th, and that’s out of 119 teams not 118. So that means there are three teams worse than us! And here’s the best part–one of them is Florida International University. So there. And Miami of Ohio and Duke, you better watch your backs, because we are some fighting owls and your 115 and 114 slots might not be as safe as you think. Hoot, mother$%^&er, hoot!


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