My kung fu is strong

October 17, 2006

This evening, I went on my first outdoor run since April, and I am pleased to inform you that I was not attacked by one single alligator. Best of all I didn’t even see any alligators, only the weird red-headed ducks and a few rougue SUV’s. Not that my neighborhood is particularly alligator prone, but like most Floridians I have seen them in the general vicinity. By the general vicinity I mean within the state. Once, when my sister and D were training for this crazy 150 mile bike ride thing, they decided to do a few loops around this 15 mile circle known as Shark Valley. I can tell you that there were no sharks, but there were more alligators than I could count. Big ones, little ones, little nests full of baby ones, right there by the walking path for all to see. I was easily within five feet of an alligator during most of my walk there. Yes, I was walking, because you will not catch me on one of those crazy bikes. Looking back, I can hardly believe that I was the same person. Sure, there were tons of other people walking on the path right alongside me. Sure, everyone assured me that because it was February they were all too cold to move. Sure, I didn’t see one actually move the whole time I was there. But they could have! I can’t believe I let myself get suckered in to what could have become a death march just on the basis of air temperature. Even though I have renewed confidence in my kung fu powers of alligator avoidance, I think in the future I will not be walking in such places as contain multiple toothed beasts.

Okay okay, I’m actually just rationalizing my irrational fears of an animal that generally stays away from people and has killed very few relative to say, cars and American presidents. Still, I think my days of carefree strolls among them are over. Sometimes confidence is just stupidity. I guess LC “I jump out of planes” B might beg to differ. In this case, though, I really don’t feel like my enjoyment of life will be compromised in any way if I take care to live an alligator free life. Just like I hope to lead a grizzly bear, piranha, and army ant free life.

D just walked in the door. He informed me that he was so “cold” on the way home from his class just now that he had to turn on the heater in the car. For reference, it’s currently 79 degrees.


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