Rainy good day

October 28, 2006

Today we had ambitions to revisit the undergraduate tailgating days we never had and use our free tickets to the Owls’ homecoming game, but last night our in-law’s reminded us that they were hosting a welcome get together for our church’s new minister (one of 13 manageably sized gatherings that the she has planned over the next few months–I guess she was pretty serious about that whole getting to know you thing). So, in order to fit in the fairly massive amount of homework I needed to get done today to keep my head above water, we got an early start and were in Miami for breakfast. We brought down a batch of brownies, delightfully underbaked  to contribute to the socializing cause and a dozen Krispy Kremes to contribute to the breakfast cause. We had enough time to leisurely munch our way through most of the dozen and a guzzle pot of coffee, and time left over for me to get in a couple of pages before the guests started arriving. Then they did start arriving, and filling the kitchen with hot enchiladas and goat cheese and raspberry salad, filling the back yard with kids and dogs, and filling the air with conversation about Navy v. Notre Dame and law school v. med school for the high schoolers in the crowd. Oh yeah, and a little bit about church too.

After the afternoon feast, I dug in to my sewing room hideaway for a few hours working on something for Creative Nonfic and the Moby Dick paper, and having met my goals, I am enjoying a pause on the couch before revving up my appetite for the steaks and corn on the cob my SIL’s bf has cooked up for us. We are also singing along to Garrison Keillor and Bonnie Raitt’s rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” on Prairie Home Companion, which seems like the perfect way to end a rainy day in the family compound.

In other good news, the Owls managed to whomp their opponents 29-0 even without the cheers of D&L. Not that they would have had us for all that long anyway. I talk a tough game and I’ve watched every episode of Friday Night Lights so far, but my American football attention is always shorter than I think it will be.


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