What a difference an hour/day/week/year makes

November 8, 2006

Okay, it’s not on the NYT or CNN yet, but MSNBC is at this moment reporting that the AP is calling Viriginia for Webb and the Democrats, which truly makes our federal legislative map blue all over. Bonus!  So an hour ago, life was damn good. Now, it’s really f^&*ing damn good.

But let’s rewind a day. Yesterday, I was firmly in the moody to depressed column, as I think after 2000 and 2004 I have permanent election day trauma. High hopes have consistently been painfully dashed, so this year I was playing it safe with a healthy outlook of paranoia and confirmed pessimism. I didn’t watch any returns, I didn’t read those hope-mongering Salon writers, and my blood pressure only allowed me to watch a snippet of the Comedy Central Midtacular. Then I went to bed, and D stayed up to do his homework. (This has become something of a Tuesday night tradition. D procrastinates all weekend and pulls an all-nighter the day before Cost Accounting. Trouble is we’re not in college anymore, and that all-nighter inevitably falls between two all-dayers, such as gainful employment typically requires.) When I woke up at 4am, D was still doing homework, and even though I was way out of it, I still had the presence of mind to think 1) he probably knows most of the election results and 2) I don’t want to know so 3) I better not ask. I went back to sleep in not quite blissful ignorance, but ignorance nonetheless. When I woke up this morning,  D informed me that he was calling in sick and rolled back over, so it was just me and my bran flakes in front of the laptop, cautiously peering at the loading Salon page… what? what? okay, okay… yup, that’s good news. It’s good news. It’s good news! Whoah! And Nancy Pelosi is gonna be speaker! Suddenly, I was glad to be awake. And unlike recent years past, as the day went on the news just kept getting better and better. What a feeling. Yesterday, crying over my breakfast about Ken Mehlman’s comment on CNN that “we have missile defense if we have a nuclear attack” (which went, UNCHALLENGED by Soledad O’Brien, who took all of five seconds to jump down Howard Dean’s throat for merely straying away from the topic of her question… let’s see what’s worse… implying that the country is protected from North Korea’s nukes without any diplomatic effort or making sure to hit your talking points on election day? Oh yeah, that second one is WAY WORSE. Arrrrgh!), today smiling. Making sure to grab some U2 before getting in the car to go to work. Enjoying the cooler weather.

Now let’s rewind a week. I had just turned in an essay to creative nonfiction that I was iffy about and a take-home exam on everyone’s favorite enormous aquatic mammalian (do you like how I didn’t say Moby Dick?) which I was also iffy about. The term paper on the same large white topic was still largely left to be written, and I wasn’t even sure I liked my thesis statement. Well, I turned it in yesterday and got the grade back today, and the same way that I am not worrying about the myriad ways the Dems can screw up the next two years for a day, I am not going to spend today berating myself for setting my sights too low and ending up at Large 3rd Tier State University. It’s the second A+ in one week, and I’m gonna take it, ’cause at least the prof backed it up with some serious comments that show he actually read the paper. And I did work for it, just as hard as I worked when I feared for my academic life at a school well-known for its English Department. No matter what the grades, I’ve just got to keep meeting my own standards. That’s how I’ll know I’m doing what I should be.

Oh my, what is this I see? A freak episode of the OC on Wednesay? Guess I’ll have to save those musings on how this November is different from last November for another post. Ohmigod! Summer doesn’t shave her legs anymore.


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