November 17, 2006

Maybe those iron supplements have been kicking in this week, because I’ve been working the go to bed after midnight and get up before seven routine pretty successfully. I know that’s actually a decent amount of sleep, so I’m not trying to call attention to my virtuous sleep deprivation, just the fact that a couple of months ago a normal amount sleep was leading to painful days of trying to stay awake rather than productive days of putting a semester’s worth of class work into tidy, term paper/ presentation packages. This week I actually felt surges of energy in mid-day and late evening, allowing me to push ahead and read things a second time before showing up to class. Either it’s the iron or the running, which I’ve been much more diligent about since the weather got cooler. At least, it teased us with coolness. After a couple of deliciously crisp days, the 80 degree humidity fest came back, and stayed back until late last night. But this morning as I tore myself out of bed (where I had let myself linger due to the fact that I don’t have to work today, and an extra hour never hurt anyone) and chased down Daniel before he drove away with our one and only Large State University parking pass (just in case I want to stop by to work on the final project presentation due tomorrow morning), I found out that the chill is back, and it woke me up. I loved it. I came back in the house and made the bed, because there is no way I am getting back in it when there is such a beautiful day going on out there. I just want to be awake and know that it’s breezy and cool and perfect outside. If I’m lucky, this might help me get some poetic thoughts into my head and some will to powerpoint. Well, whether it’s the iron, the running, the dream of sweater weather, or the surprisingly happy-making task of churning out more consecutive pages than I think I’ve had had to write in a three week period before, I’ve felt more awake this past couple of weeks than I have in a long time. I heard a personal vignette on NPR last weekend about a mom who started swimming in the ocean every morning, and she described the moment right after leaving the water as feeling like her brain had just been flossed. That’s what I’m feeling like, and I want the feeling to continue.


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