Pretty much totally agree

November 17, 2006

Salon has decided to do its own Sexiest Men Alive round-up, and I have to say they’ve done a decent job. Especially w/ their number one pick. Must say I’ve been thinking that for quite a while. It occurs to me that some readers of this blog will say, “Yawn, Liz, not interested,” but I think it’s fun nonetheless. (Not to mention a nice short post to break my weeklong homework induced fast. I know, I keep blaming it on the homework. In truth, there are indeed spare moments in which I could have been blogging. I’ve just hit that point in the semester where, after churning through 50 pages of the densest Melville novel yet, planning a final presentation, notating some Browning, and making a few scribbles of my own, it’s time to put down the laptop and save my brain cells for trying to understand stuff like this. )


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