November 21, 2006

It’s coming together–the end of the semester, the arrival of holidays, and the freezing (by Florida standards) cold. It was 48 degrees when I woke up this morning, which meant it was time to bust out a turtleneck and my trusty Brasil soccer jacket, bought in the Exeter discount sports store for 10 quid back in the day. I know I should take it off while I’m inside, but it’s so cold in the library that I’m taking the past of least resistance and heating up little by little.

What am I doing these days? Oh, you know it already, but things are looking up. I knocked one class off the schedule this past Saturday. My partner and I did our final presentation and turned in our final project, so LIS 6630: Information Sources for Science and Technology is pretty much dead to me. In this case, it paid to sign up to go first. The rest of the poor schmo’s have to wait until December 9th to feel the relief of having 50% of their grade be determined by a final presentation. Now the decks are starting to clear for a mad frenzy of poetry, which has sadly gotten pushed to the bottom of the pile too often in favor of more blatantly demanding classes, such as Melville and Creative Nonfiction. Next semester I plan to remedy this by only taking one workshop, so I’m not too worried if my output was low this semester. What it lacked in poems it has made up for in nonfiction, of the creative and critical varieties. If you are interested, the agenda for this long weekend (the homework agenda at least, the eating agenda is much more expansive) consists of :

-Read Maxine Hong Kingston’s Woman Warrior (CNF)

-Read VW’s A Room of One’s Own and write up a presentation for CNF on Monday

-do final Melville take home exam ahead of schedule (would be due Tuesday, want it done by Sunday)

-write at least one poem, preferably two

 It sounds so manageable when I say it like that! What am I complaining about anyway?

Other agenda items:

-See Casino Royale

That, plus the aforementioned eating, should be enough to keep me occupied.


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