The future, arriving daily

December 6, 2006

The dates are slowly but steadily creeping toward a mystical time I’ve been planning for since about mid-way through October: the end of the semester. The chain reaction of plans made for this cornucopia of freedom is about to be set off. Tomorrow at this time I will hopefully be only moments away from turning in my final portfolios for creative nonfiction and poetry, and then I will have a full afternoon to bask in the done-ness of Fall Semester 2006. Then it will be time to start cleaning and packing for this weekend’s trip, a Friday-Sunday jaunt about Boston and Cape Cod to chaperone some chillins as they tour historic Congregational churches. One of the side benefits of belonging to one of the oldest denominations in the country is that there is some genuine history out there to see. I’ve borrowed a coat from Frida, a New England native, and I’ve got my trusty fleecy English Heritage hat ready to go. I suppose my fingers will just have to freeze, but oh well. It’s only 3 days. Maybe when we stop at a grocery store on our way out to the retreat center on Cape Cod they’ll have some of those little stretchy gloves for a dollar or two. For some reason they just don’t sell them down here.

The cleaning part of tomorrow’s agenda is crucial, because after getting home from this trip we will have a mere two day turn around time before leaving for Michigan, and there’s nothing worse that returning from the emotional wringer that is a visit home to an apartment that still shows all the neglect of an overbooked semester. If we can just get things nice and shiny, I can fly away at ease.

And after all these travels, there will probably still be some shopping to do before we settle in for the real stretch of relaxation, Christmas at my in-law’s house. After a visit to the snow, ice, and general dysfunction of Michigan, I’m looking forward to at least one entire day spent in pajamas and with my hand in the cookie jar. Yes. That is what I want for Christmas.

Somewhere in here, I’m either going to start reading the books I’ve been putting off all fall (further reports later I’m sure) and working accepted submissions to the uni lit mag that I signed onto as copyeditor. Of course, given all the LCB has been going through, I know I am woefully underqualified, but I’ll do my best.

December 6… December 7… wham!


3 Responses to “The future, arriving daily”

  1. LCB Says:

    Liz! Come back! We miss you. Here in the blogsphere.

  2. AH Says:

    Hear hear! I second this.

  3. AH Says:

    Hmm, and another thing. I’ve been slogging my way through what ought to be a simple response paper (1500 word review of an archive in the UK or Ireland), and I thought to myself, hey, speaking of archives libraries, isn’t Liz doing library science? Isn’t OCLC like, a library sort of institution? Aren’t its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio? I know: travel grant to visit Columbus! (sometime when I’m there, of course . . .)

    Weirdly when filling in the my email to post these, I wrote half my current email and half my Kenyon email. I don’t know what that’s about.

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