I’ve never wanted to be Norwegian before

January 6, 2007

Or even really visit Norway, although D&F are kind of getting me hot for Denmark. Yet when my BoingBoing feed brought me this tidbit about the protesting plywood snowmen making their ire over global warming felt and then I saw the accompanying Flickr set, I fell a little bit in love I think. If I were anything but a blunt mental instrument, this is the kind of protest that I might stage. And you know that, even better than staging a fun, poignant, creative protest, they all laughed about it over beer or hot chocolate when they were done. Talk about a balanced approach to social change. Let’s go Norway, leave no snowman behind.


One Response to “I’ve never wanted to be Norwegian before”

  1. LCB Says:

    Hey, if I can be Jewish, you can be Norweigan.

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