Coming into my sights

January 8, 2007

(Is that the right way to spell “sights”? I mean the kind on a rifle. Just a sec… oh yes, Wikipedia tells me it is.)

Up until just about today, the approaching semester was looking really hazy to me. I couldn’t come up with a work schedule I liked, I couldn’t remember which books I had checked out from the library already and which ones I actually needed to buy, and I was fairly certain that I had already overbooked myself on at least two weekends. Then, magically, after propelling myself through the doldrums that seem to beset me every morning that I have to wake up and go to work after dodging cat claws to the face for my final three hours of sleep, I started to have some clarity about what I needed to do to make this semester happen. A first wind, if you will, and not a minute too soon seeing as the semester starts today. I must have been psychically predicting my post-holiday lag time when I chose a schedule whose earliest class every week in on Wednesday afternoon. That’s good, because if I was supposed to be in class right now I think I’d be too sad to live. As it is, I now have two days to squeeze in work and good habits. I think I’m going to be able to set it up so that Monday and Tuesday are long work days, followed by yoga on Monday and Pilates on Tuesday (three cheers for the student recreation fee being put to good use). Then Wednesday is a half day of work, lunch, some last minute scribbling, and then poetry workshop. Thursday and Friday are work (by work I mean the paid kind I do at the library) free except for class from 4-7 each night. I know, Friday night class= a bummer but at least campus is strategically positioned five minutes away from my favorite English pub, so I think I will be able to bribe myself to get through it. That plus the fact that the prof stated in no uncertain terms on the syllabus that this was a no absence class (aren’t all grad classes unskippable? further proof that I do indeed attend Large Third (Fourth?) Tier State University). So while all of these classes are still in the future, I just now found a way to imagine them all fitting into my life. The only major flaw in this schedule is that, on weeks when I have my Saturday library class (only five meetings, though), I will have no completely free day. But I’ll take that as it comes and enjoy sleeping a little bit in on Thursday and Friday before tackling homework for this all-star line-up: Poetry Workshop, American Women Writers of Color, Postcolonial Theory, Library Networks & Systems, Archives Management, and a 1 credit, weeklong poetry workshop that is technically being titled Method & Madness but that I am going to refer to as Xtreme pOetry. Yes yes, here I come.


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