Lazy blogger’s Strunk & White

January 10, 2007

Now that LCB has educated all of us on how not to be clichéd, here is how not to be cliché either. Do it after you run spell check and floss.

I’m offering this helpful link in lieu of any of what Melville would call deep diving, because tonight I am not so much in the mood. I’m still digesting my first poetry workshop (led by a prof who has published 8 skinny little po’ books and talks permanently in The Voice) and trying to decide if the lecture on artistic development was a load of self-important bs or a useful meditation on the importance of figuring out for yourself the kind of poet you are. I am, however, quite pleased that I managed to snag four required texts from the library before I headed home and thereby contribute to the money saved so I can buy an iPod or just more alcohol fund.

(Ha! Cliché free since 2007!)


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