Weekend on the beach

January 12, 2007

I’m headed out to chaperone a youth event on the fair beaches of Key Biscayne, so I won’t be blogging for the next couple of days. I just got back from the first meeting of Postcolonial Theory, in which the prof felt the need to personally question each creative writing major as to whether or not they had read the syllabus because they should know what the class required and by the way it could still be dropped. Oh silly me, I forgot, I’m an MFA so I must be an automatic airhead! Well, that just motivates me all the more to brilliantly articulate exactly where she can take her Homi Bhaba and shove it…. but I’m over it, and ready to head out to the sun and sand and hormone-filled teenagers.


2 Responses to “Weekend on the beach”

  1. LCB Says:

    Liz, come back! Also, I’m really annoyed that you’re at the beach right now as it is snowing here in Evanston. Also, the temperatures for this week do not get out of the 20s. Boo.

  2. AH Says:

    I really hate postcolonial theory right now. I mean I really hate it. It’s 2am and I’m working on a paper on the conflicting claims of nationalism and feminism in the anti-colonial state. Argh. I’m not brilliantly articulately anything anymore.

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