Some days you are just embarassed

January 31, 2007

Okay, there are times when I wonder if I am truly cut out for life in South Florida. Actually, there are many of these times, but the time I want to talk about is the time that happened this morning, when I was in my car, turning right onto Powerline Road on my way to work. If I am running my usual five minutes late (hey, I may live in Palm Beach County, but I am still on Miami time), about the time I am making this right turn is when the Miami Herald local news segment comes onto my NPR station. This morning, right on cue, the Herald radio reporter started in with her lead story about how the city of Miami is planning to spend *&$taxpayer$&* money to put on a party in the Orange Bowl to celebrate Fidel Castro’s death!!!!! F@#$ me! So I’m a party pooper! There’s a word for this, and the word is “disgusting.” If Cuban(-Americans) want to “stomp on the grave” of Mr. Castro, it’s a free country. But if they have so much sway over the elected officials of the county that I plan on being a resident of some day that these officials feel the need to spend public money to rent out the godd@#$ Orange Bowl, I think that is over the line. As you can tell from the bolding and the expletives, I get a little mad about this. The self-serving sanctimony of some of these people really gets to me. I spent the first year of my tenure here being extremely open-minded and sympathetic–you came on a raft made out of oil drums? Must have been bad over there, I’m glad you made it. But what about the Haitians who come from arguably worse conditions (let’s remember that Cuba’s infant mortality is still lower than ous) who have no wet foot-dry foot policy to keep their behinds from getting deported back to rampant poverty, disease and violence after they have made the same perilous trek? What about the fact that once you are here, you are here, and you need to start contributing? Forget about the hyphen–most of you got a green card within days, not years, and some of you got a lot more help than that. Which I don’t begrudge you–but in return, you spend your money hijacking our local governments and lobbying for crackpot invasion schemes, and voting for the R party without a second thought just because they’ll pretend to listen to your ideas about invading Cuba? I guess manipulating politicians for your own benefit is the most American game in the book. And if you’ve got the money, somebody’s got the time. But man it just doesn’t seem fair. We didn’t have a party when Saddam swung, and I can’t see how it is a good idea to get in the habit of throwing lavish parties upon the death of leaders we don’t align with ideologically–how is this party going to play in Latin America, where Brazilians already (insanely, true) believe that the US is out to steal the Amazon and invade Venezuela? Let alone farther afield, where some countries may be legitimately pissed/nervous that we are stomping around acting like we’re going to go Iraq on them? Good Lord I wonder where this country is going.


One Response to “Some days you are just embarassed”

  1. LCB Says:

    Fidel Castro died? Where have I been?

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