And you, sir, are no Gerald Ford

February 13, 2007

So please leave my beloved shaped-like-a-hand state posthaste, Mr. Romney. It may look like a mitten, but I can hardly imagine that it will be smitten with Mitt. (Okay, that last sentence makes almost no sense, but the mitten connection was too good to pass up.) You don’t get a lot of points just for being born there. I think it’s significant you haven’t lived there since you got into Harvard 30 years ago, and you clearly didn’t take a lot with you if you think that two-faced, forked tongue double dealing is the way to win hearts and minds. First you were for gay rights, and then you decided that you were for inequality. First you were pro-choice, and then you were the far right’s bitch. Some days you are Mormon, other days you are just ambiguously uptight. So I really don’t appreciate you using my state to obscure the fact that you’ve been living the liberal good life in a state that could be seen as a the model for the rest of the country on a number of issues, including marriage equality and universal health care but that you act like you are ashamed of. Too bad. Go home, wherever that is, and take your troop surge ideas and your corporate sell-outism with you.


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