“My little girl will never go to Iraq. I’m sorry, she’ll go to Prada.”

February 15, 2007

And on that note, I’m moving Marie Antoinette to the top of my Netflix queue. There’s a certain kind of jaw dropping horror in this piece by George Gurley for the New York Observer, but after the initial shock of just far a person’s head can go up his or her own ass (apparently this is even more likely to happen when one is wearing really expensive clothing and drinking really expensive liquor) I start to think it is all a matter of degree. Sure, I’m sitting here in my five year old jeans and a hoodie sweatshirt, getting ready to do some homework and then not spend too much money shopping at Whole Foods–but how different am I really? I comparmentalize the horror and pain of most of the world while I stick my head back in these books, this browser window, and a whole lot of DVDs that I can both afford to rent and have time to watch. I’m still powerless, despite my guilt and awareness, and I don’t really use the power that I do have. I send emails to congress people maybe once a month, and usually only the form letters that my social justice e-mail reminders link to. I haven’t donated one cent to a directly Darfur related organization (although I may have put a tenner in the plate if we ever had a collection devoted to it at church–but I really couldn’t say with certainty). Ugh. What are we going to do? The worst are filled with passionate intensity and the best are clubbing it up in high fashion.


One Response to ““My little girl will never go to Iraq. I’m sorry, she’ll go to Prada.””

  1. frida Says:

    Speaking of guilt and prada this is a reminder for you
    to get your eyes checked so i can make you some glasses on the cheap. Time is ticking and Louie is on his way which will make it difficult to use work as my personal eyeglass factory for friends and family. I also have a very cool Lulu Guinness 50’s inspired sunglass that would be great for you. (worn twice before deciding it was too big for me-i was warned)Get on it and don’t feel guilty.

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