Paddling my life away

March 6, 2007

I tried to post yesterday, but wordpress seemed to be having some kind of bug that made my blog run blur down the computer screen like messy pixelated tears every time I tried to write or scroll, so that obviously didn’t happen. And with my sis and her bf waiting patiently for me back at the casita, I better make this short. Here’s my favorite, a list-y-fied rundown of the past two weeks of my life!

 1) Two canoe trips: one with alcohol, one without.

2) 3 papers: all finished, grade back on one and it was satisfactory (which is relief, b/c besides being worth 25% of the final grade, the prof in question didn’t like the first one, so it’s good to see that I still have the ability to respond usefully to criticism).

3) One presentation proposal for an extreeeeeemely local conference (I mean, open only to grad students at my Large Third (Fourth?) Tier State University): Maxine Hong Kingston and how she likes to fuck with you about what genre she may or may not be writing in.

4) For said proposal, I am reading her latest, The Fifth Book of Peace.

5) Also thinking a lot about my friends: D&F the Expectant Ones, LCB bucking the educational system, and AH trying to deal with a bunch of Irish tight asses. And Snickerdoodle, hoping that somehow she is managing to write a law school statement she can live with despite everything.

6) Sis is visiting w/ bf. Must go!

 7) Summer chem? Really Liz? Really?


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