Vapid television, novels with characters named Jocasta, organic beer–must be summer!

June 26, 2007

I’m feeling quite summery today. In the Fla, we always feel somewhat summery, with our year-found flip-flop habit and our sunscreen, but today I feel embraced by the spirit of summer–the sugary, glorious time waste of it all, served best with fresh corn on the cob and the oasis of an air-conditioned apartment.

That paragraph is my long-winded way of saying, I just finished the second season of Lost on DVD and I am so heartbroken that the third season doesn’t come out until September and the fourth season doesn’t start until 2008! I have succumbed. I am a Lost viewer. Not to the point where I would write an entry for Lostpedia or even spend much time other than when I’m actively watching an episode thinking about what it might all mean, but definitely to the point that I crave my next 43 minute fix of non sequitur plot points and lush scenery.

Lost has gotten me revved up into full pop culture savoring mode, and for that I am grateful. I had been a bit of a slug bug this summer, not really looking forward to much and not really enthused about any of my vernal prospects. As late as last week I was wallowing in a pool of Under the Tuscan Sun and a novel about five hardened men building a barn in frozen Utah wilderness (a good book, I am sure, but not a summer book). Now I have something to live for, and that is entertainment. Why fight it? Yes, I’m writing more and listening to better music than ever before and eating yummier food, but those aren’t the things that are getting me out of bed in the morning. It’s the dvds in my mailbox and the books on my nightstand, a smorgasbord of trashy fun sure to give me a welcome break from the all too real vicissitudes of life in the twenty-fifth year.

So, a rundown.

Watched: Lost, The Vanishing, History Boys, The Painted Veil, The Heart of the Game

Read: Little Stalker, What the Dead Know, several volumes of the Best American Short Stories (maybe some actual short story writing ability will rub off on me?), Sheer Abandon (with the protagonist name mentioned in the title) in progress

Imbibed: not enough! but a fair number of Lamar St. Pale Ale’s and a bottle of wine found at WF called Riven Rock Shiraz. But I really need to get to my favorite wine store, where they are selling something called Big Daddy for 2.99 a bottle… also, will somebody please come visit me so I can my mojito on? Mojitos taste best when made for guests.

Still to go: The New Yorkers, Broken Shore, Denis Johnson’s Jesus’s Son for fiction workshop, lots of beer, Children of a Lesser God, Freaks and Geeks, other suggestions welcome at all times.

Oh summer, you are looking so good right now.


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