August 11, 2007

Welcome back to the blogosphere, me! Okay, I know, I know, I’ve missed me and it’s good to have me back. In the mean time, AH has been holding strong despite heavy academic demands and challenging Irish people, and for that, and many chatting hours, I am truly grateful to her. She’s my inspiration to get this blogging show back on the road, along with my ass for a personal best distance run despite the fact that it was hot and I ate too much pizza for lunch. But since I’ve just finished muscling my way through another semester and have a new one starting in two weeks, I’m cutting myself some slack and not minding if I take some things nice and slow over the next two weeks.

Where to start? I feel a bulleted list coming on.

  • My sis and her boyfriend are now located in Miami!!! Yay! Pseudonyms forthcoming. Despite having had their first bend over and take it from Florida (the where the sun don’t shine state) experience (and it was a good one, involving the outright theft of 2700$ by fraudulent landlords) , they are installed in a bright and airy apartment and ready to start their SoFla lives. He’s starting law school tomorrow (yes, Sunday) and she’s starting work on Wednesday. Hat’s off to them!
  • D is reporting as a sixth grade language arts and social science teacher on Wednesday.
  • I’m exhausted but pumped about writing again after a challenging fiction workshop. The results aren’t anywhere near publishable yet, but I broke out of my unfinished short story rut and I’m raring to keep going. I just need to keep working on the muscle that keeps my butt in the chair.
  • Our wine rack runneth over after a summer of going to tastings and having no time to drink the purchases.
  • After a wonderful wedding/Kenyon reunion up in Atlanta, I’m feeling in a DC state of mind. Go DC United!

Okay, I think that about does it on the personal updates. I’ll try to come up with more interesting commentary tomorrow, b/c as AH points out the NYT has been churning out plenty of rage-inducing pieces to keep us both fuming and blogging for a good long while.


One Response to “3.43”

  1. Wide Lawns Says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’re back! We should have a wine, cheese and chocolate party to drink the purchases.

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