Can my couch be my office?

August 16, 2007

I am honestly going to get some real work done today, but before I do I thought I would share how productively I non-worked this morning. In light of the piles of clutter currently gracing our living room floor, I watched HGTV’s Mission: Organization this morning as I was delaying actual work. The before picture of the room in question look pretty much like ours does now–all of the basic pieces that one needs for a living room, stuck into corners and against walls with no real though of flow, and covered in all the detritus of the life of a “knowledge worker.” Meaning, papers, more papers, a few books, and a lot of random stuff like beach bags and half-used books of 37 cent stamps. Obviousy I would love it if someone would come and not only tell us what we needed to do to make this manageable but also buy all of the recommended earth toned items for the Container Store for me, but seeing as that is not going to happen, here is what I’m going to take away: these two successful people now think of their couch as their office space. Instead of a desk (we have one of those too, and it’s usually a disaster in an of itself), they now have couch endtables doubling as office furniture. They are sturdy and attractive, and hold more than their desk used to. A filling cabinet on one end and a three drawer cabinet on the other–and they look great. The couch is work and play central, positioned in between said work-inducing end tables and directly in front of the flat screen televsion. I have to admit I find the idea quite appealing–instead of forcing myself into this straight backed chair every time I need to get something done, to just go with my inner urge to sit somewhere soft and warm and work on the couch w/ my laptop. In fact, maybe I’ll go do that right now… because who am I kidding? All of these new apartment people (T-Fap, sis, etc.) have gotten some of their care about where to put things to rub off on me, perhaps, but am I going to actually go and spend money on furniture? Not bloody likely. I’ll just enjoy the HGTV vicarious life for now.


One Response to “Can my couch be my office?”

  1. AH Says:

    Hmmm. I don’t know. I may be biased, because I didn’t see the program, so I didn’t get to see the undoubtedly gorgeous “after” shot of the room, but you know what they say about mixing work and play. You don’t want your brain to get confused and/or unable to separate the two. My suggestion is, 1) get rich and 2) have both a couch office and a real office, so that when inspiration strikes, you’re prepared, but you still have a place where your mind says, oh yes, this is where I work. Because thinking work, as frustrating as it, is also (duh) fulfilling and, as you said yesterday, the relaxing time is often much more enjoyable for having been separated and obviously earned. That’s just my two cents from living in a one-bedroom, where everything doubles as everything else. Separation = good. But feel free to ignore me, my brain is so confused about what’s up and what’s down anymore, I’m not sure I could make a logical statement anymore.

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