Faster, higher, busier: the birth of a school year

August 27, 2007

Was it only a year ago that I wrote a post about going to my first creative nonfiction workshop? A quick glance at last year’s notebook confirms no, it was a year and a week. So, a year and a week ago this whole MFA thing was totally new to me and I would have had a right to be nervous. Instead, my nerves seems to have caught up with me the second time around. I woke up this morning after one of those dreams where you think you’ve already woken up, gone to work, and forgotten something completely critical. In my dream, I had forgotten to print  out my writing center consultants manual, which I normally would have blown off, but for some reason I’ve switched back into hyper-perfectionist mode and the thought that I might have forgotten to bring it to my very first staff meeting obviously bothered me enough to generate that unfortunate dream. So I woke up exhausted, but I did make sure to print that sucker out. Of course, we didn’t use it today.

Okay, I need to back up here and give a little rundown on the fall sched. Theoretically, if I can get all the paperwork wrangled (and that does remain to be seen, as it usually does in this craptasm of a state) I will be working my usual part time at the library and another ten hours at the university writing center. Why did I do this? Well, the extra cash would be nice, but actually it just sounded good. I miss working with writers one on one, and it would seem like a good way to get an instructional line on my resume given that my library internship precludes me becoming a TA. Plus, it’s totally applicable to library stuff given that this year the center will be integrating online chat technologies for consultations.  Technology plus people, color me there. I do still get ridiculously excited about social apps for the web, which brings me to the other side of my schedule. Three English classes (creative nonfic, poetry, and multicultural southern lit) and one library class called “Human Computer Interaction.” If that title isn’t scary enough, the prof also has a horrid reputation for being an unrealistically tough grader and work loader. However, I read the syllabus yesterday and apparently half of my grade is for spending time on Second Life. Now that just sounds too good to pass.

It’s a minor dilemma though–the health science librarianship class just became a totally online class, rather than one with four meetings in Tampa. So, if I am still seriously considering a major change of life plan including medical school, that might be a better choice. I’m trying to tell myself not to make this into more than it is, that choosing between HCI and health librarianship as a class is not choosing between two different lives… but of course in hyper-perfectionist mode I can’t quite get away from such a thought.

After staff meeting, writing time, paperwork wrangling and class, I was surprised to find myself eager to go and take advantage of the first day of evening recreational swimming at the university pool. After all, if I’m even thinking about this triathlon idea I’d better get paddling. I tried to get 400m in, but it involved long breathers at the lane ends. Better next time, right? If my triceps ever recover–they’re already twinging.

Whew, is this blog post making you feel Type A? Today has made me feel that way, which is a way I used to be and a way I don’t really want to feel again, so hopefully this is just a temporary foray into Stressland that will be brought to an end soon.

Me and my spaghetti arms here are going to go get ourselves a beer, and in the always wise words of AH, chill out and enjoy the rest of the evening.


2 Responses to “Faster, higher, busier: the birth of a school year”

  1. Wide Lawns Says:

    We have a University pool?? I’ll swim with you.

  2. AH Says:

    I’m glad you’re doing the health sciences class and not because I’m looking forward to pumping you for information (not at all…) but because it’s like a volunteer position–you know, you’re doing work outside your main ‘job’ that could lead you elsewhere, but could also just be a growth opportunity. Which is what we are all about, right? Broadening our horizons. That and cheesy cliches. Woo!

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