Do you wikku?

August 31, 2007

I just read about wikkus today, a delightful new poetic form brought to by the Wiktionary and Project Gutenberg. For a full explanation of why this is, follow the link. To make your own wikku, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Wiktionary

2) put in a word

3) see if it pops up as one of the ones ranked by the Project Gutenberg English langauge word freqency database

4) if so, you’ll see it immediately–the word you entered will be ranked in bold and the three closest words both more and less frequent will be on either side of it in a line

5) the word you entered is the title, and the rest of the words are the body of the poem–in the exact same order you found them (it’s all about unplanned yet visceral word assocations, see?)

6) and there, you have your wikku

Okay, here is my first wikku (following the purist model of no changes in order or addition to punctuation):


stood large within

power mother



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