It’s October, and that means

October 2, 2007

Milestones, passed and foreseen:

  • Oct. 1: We have health insurance again! Yay!(?) We’ve been w/o since the end of April, and w/o the option of Cobra since the end of July. It was oddly not as bad as I had always feared it would be. With Planned Parenthood to take care of our only real medical necessities, it was financially doable for six months. Of course all that would have changed had one of us even gotten a little bit sick or heaven forbid we’d been in a car accident. Still, I didn’t really obsess over it the way I thought I would. I just kind of accepted that if we got in a wreck, we’d be screwed. I also tried to tell myself that, statistically speaking, now was probably the best time in my life to have to do without. I am also once again completely unsympathetic to people who think that we don’t need some form of nationally available affordable health insurance that you can buy into no matter who you are employed or unemployed by. The private sector just is not cutting it here.
  • The Feast of Love is in theaters. As you may know, I have real issues with certain unnecessary resettings of the action from Ann Arbor to Portland, OR, but it’s still one of my favorite ever books, and I’m still planning on seeing it.
  • One essay and two poems workshopped. So something is getting done around here, or is that just the illusion of school?
  • Bibliographic essay for southern lit.
  • Oct. 13: My first 5k. With greyhounds.
  • Oct. 20: Let’s not talk about this just yet.
  • Oct. 31: Halloween, and this year in pre-celebration I watched the movie. So maybe now I’ll get scared.
  • Best of all, it’s finally October! Yay!

One Response to “It’s October, and that means”

  1. S.O.S Says:

    Yes! Your first 5k! You’re going to have a ball, trust me! Think about running in Race for the Cure in January! It’s quite the experience.

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