I’m turning 26, not 62

October 9, 2007

God-willing, I’m turning 26 in less than two weeks. I’m in an internal tizzy about this, as I probably will be for every upcoming birthday from now on, and this has not been helped my the recent contents of my mailbox. Last week, it was the invitation to join the AARP. Yesterday, it was a flier advertising a free all you can eat Chinese buffet lunch if you’ll sit through a presentation by a “pre-planning” service. Was the planning in question for home ownership, 401k investment, or a child’s college fund? Nope, it was planning for my funeral. Yes, my funeral. Because I so want to be bured in Boca Raton, and because well, obviously, such decisions are just around the corner now that I’m aged goods. To use a local expression, oy vey.


One Response to “I’m turning 26, not 62”

  1. stephen roxborough Says:

    bastards. they recruit early. hell, i’m of age (over 50) and i still reject their over-the-hill old people mindset. send em a brick with one of their pre-paid postage envelopes taped to it.

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