Post in progress re: Wray & Newitz’s White Trash

October 17, 2007

I’ve just finished reading a collection of essays about the idea of being white trash in the US for my multicultural southern lit class (yes, fascinatingly, in this class we’re spending part of our time considering whether or not we can legitimately include white trash as a multi-culture), and in my spare few minutes I thought I’d do a little background research on You Tube to see if I could lay my eyes on some self-identifying white trash-ness. More later, but for now, after reading Wray & Newitz, I find this clip from The Apprentice just too provacative for critical vocabulary:


2 Responses to “Post in progress re: Wray & Newitz’s White Trash”

  1. stephen roxborough Says:

    dear ego tower trump,
    recycle yourself.

  2. SJ Says:

    Oh it gets so much better. Check out Mr. Trump’s IMDB listing:

    See, the fact that being white trash is not in the allowable script for The Apprentice somehow does not make it also unacceptable for Donald Trump to make several appearances on Monday Night Raw: World Wrestling Entertainment. Yeah, nothing white trashy about that!

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