Another uncranky Tuesday

October 30, 2007

Man, this being in a good mood thing is superbad for my blogging. Oh well–I tried to work up some righteous ire this morning on my way to work, and even though some of the SUV drivers around Boca elementary and the financial prognosticator on NPR pitched in admirably with piss-poor driving and dire predictions, respectively, I am still smiling. On the inside. Constantly smiling on the outside would really freak out my co-workers.

So, in a spirit of uncrankiness, here’s what I’m smiling about. Fair warning: most of these are intensely personal reasons that unlikely to interest anyone other than me, and maybe D.

  • The weather. I’ve given up waiting for the first truly cool day of fall… I’m thinking it will arrive in 2008. In the meantime, I have decided to celebrate what I consider the first day that seems to point toward the eventual arrival of a cool one, and that day was yesterday. Breezy all day and, from midafternoon onward, right in that temperature range where you feel like there’s no real boundary between you and the air. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.
  • As it turns out, the breeze I loved was a serious breeze. Last night when we were watching our DVR’d episode of House from two weeks ago, the television kicked into one of those squally red warning tickers, advising us all to watch out for High Winds. This made my decision to cut my run short seem wise instead of lazy, and I am always in favor of that. Anyway, the main happiness here is that I got to experience the adrenaline rush of a National Weather Service advisory without any of the negative after effects. I am addicted to those little red disaster messages, esp. when they turn out to not be about disasters.
  • Even as I struggle to make headway on Larry Brown’s Joe for multicultural southern lit, I am still finding ways to sneak in reading time for a (so far at least) awesome memoir, Circling My Mother by Mary Gordon. On that book, more later I hope.
  • Even the Unified Medical Language System is making me happy today. That’s the kind of librarian I want to be, the kind who does research for the National Library of Medicine and makes some semantic stuff so the Web gets smarter for peeps. Maybe. Or the kind who orders great books for her patrons and gets to check them out first. Either one.

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