Can I say that my lawn looks onto I-95?

November 1, 2007

I heard a snippet of this story on NPR this morning as I was getting out my car (wow, I just typo’d that very tellingly: “as I was getting out of my career”), and I just had to follow up. Don’t get your hopes up, but some police departments in some cities are starting a program where they loan out the radar gun for people to catch their neighbors speeding, with the threshold for a written warning being 13 miles over. YES please! I would be so good at that job. First of all, I’d target all of the Land Rovers first, then all the Lexcedescalurano’s. Then I’d move on to luxury sedans. Last on my list would be open bed trucks w/ lawn maintenance guys in them, b/c hey, what can a speeding ticket really do to them that they aren’t already doing to themselves? Where can I please sign up to get me one of those radar guns and start nailing some Boca peeps? This sounds like my kind of self-medication.

The only downside to this, I think, is that you are supposed to do it in your own neighborhood. The people in the story all seem to be sitting on their own lawns. Which cuts out my glorious visions of nabbing Corvette, Maserati, and Ford POS alike as I drive down to Miami once a week. Oh well, like the title of this post applies, there may be ways around such strictures…

You know, I totally could have blogged about something serious here, like the full segment that came just before this that they devoted to reading response letters to one of NPR’s correspondents apparently being present at an interrogation of tortured people, but I didn’t. And it felt like just that choice–as I walk into work, would I like to a) think about getting passive agressive revenge on all of the overly affluent people in my neighborhood would can’t drive or b) think about something challenging, like my country’s involvement in torture? It’s kind of sad how easily that choice got made.


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